Nutrition Tips During Pregnancy For A Healthy Baby

It is great news when you find that you are pregnant. Most women enjoy every minute of pregnancy phase. A lot of joy and happiness is associated with pregnancy, but you have to take into account the nutritional needs of the fetus developing inside you. The moment you discover that you are pregnant or suspect that you are pregnant, you should visit a good gynecologist. The gynecologist will prepare your diet chart to let you know the items you should consume. Iron and folic acid supplement should form the part of your diet. It is important to intake balanced amount of vitamins, and it will be good if you can pop in prenatal vitamins.

Increase your calorie intake

All throughout pregnancy, you must eat healthy if not more. In the first trimester, you can gradually increase the calories by 100. If you have a healthy weight, start consuming more calories from the second trimester. In the second trimester, you may increase the calorie intake by 300-350, and in the third trimester, it may get increased by 450 calories.

Do not eat unsafe and unhealthy food

Avoid eating food that is unhealthy and unsafe. You should never eat raw seafood as that can be dangerous for the baby. Avoid eating soft cheese and consuming unpasteurized milk.

Say no to alcohols

All throughout your pregnancy, you need to stay away from tobacco and alcohol. Alcohol can harm the baby severely.

There are many food items you must avoid when you are pregnant. Limit your caffeine intake and eat more of healthy vitamins.

Some of the healthy tips to getting pregnant

So, you are ready to take the responsibility of the child and are willing to get pregnant faster. There are some ways you can employ to get pregnant faster. Follow this section closely.

Get a preconception evaluation

It is important to know your health and physical state before you plan to get pregnant. Before even you start trying for a baby, you can inquire about vitamins carrying folic acid. Folic acid will prevent a birth defect. It is very important to intake folic acid in the early stage of pregnancy. If you have any underlying medical condition, it needs to be put under control.

Getting to know one’s cycle

You need to know your menstrual cycle to learn about the fertile days. There are certain days of the month when you are most fertile. During that time you may indulge in more of having intercourse. You need to know the signs of ovulation and be aware of changes taking place in cervical mucus. Cervical mucus usually becomes slippery and thin when you are most fertile. If needed, you can buy ovulation kits from the market.

No need not worry about best positions

When you are indulging in sexual activities, do not think much of the positions and be natural. But, try and avoid gravity-defying positions.

Do not use the toilet after the intercourse

Just after the intercourse, you should not urinate. Rest on the bed for some time.

Do not overdo things

In an attempt to get pregnant, you should not overdo things. In fact, taking a break helps at times.